Strengthen your No Fly list

Guest Ban™ allows you to regain control over who is staying in your establishment and remove any repeat offenders who keep coming back 

Current systems do not allow for no-fly list to be shared across all airlines, that is until today

The Power of Guest Ban™

Creating a Safer Flight

All Airlines have an obligation to have the highest standards of safety and security. Passenger often feel stressed, scared, and angry at the situation. Emergency landing is major cost while causing upset passenger and flight delays

A single flight diversion can cost from $50,000 to over $600,000 and cause delays for other passengers.

No Fly Check

Prevent Emergency Landing

Passenger Delays

Criminal Mischief

Boost your business

Streamline Passanger Management

Reduce the risk of unauthorized passengers or intruders by using our software to screen visitors and verify that passengers are allowed on flight.

Included Features

Everything you need to enhance passanger experience

Visitor ID Authentication

Verify and manage guests at check-in by scanning their ID into our easy to use system.

Incident Reporting

Easily document and track guest incidents, such as room damage, criminal activity, or police activity.

Quick Check In

Reduce typing errors and increase the number of passenger check-ins by automating data entry

No Fly List

Maintain the safety and security of guests and staff with an Internal watchlist and Guest Bans™ Shared network.

Trespass Tracking​ Notice

Guest Ban gives you an instant match result for any hits for guests on our active warrant list.

Prevent Emergency Landings

Prevent theft and credit card fraud by confirming guest identification and checking for any prior offences.

Airline Management System

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