ID Scanning Laws

Unlike some states, Alaska does not have specific laws regulating a business’s practice of scanning IDs or retaining information obtained from a scan. Therefore, businesses, including hotels, are generally allowed to scan IDs and retain the information obtained, subject to applicable privacy laws.

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Alaska ID Scanning Laws and Regulations

Purpose of ID Scanning in Hotels

Hotels in Alaska may scan IDs for various purposes, including:

  • Verifying a customer’s age
  • Establishing a customer’s identity
  • Confirming a customer’s license status to operate a vehicle
  • Disclosing such information to another business for verifying a check payment, evaluating creditworthiness, detecting or reducing the risk of fraud, abuse, identity theft or other crimes, collection activities, or confirming that a customer has met the motor vehicle financial responsibility requirements.
  • Disclosing such information to the department of transportation, insurance licensees, notaries, financial institutions if permitted by federal law, or law enforcement agencies.

Legal Age Restrictions in Alaska

It’s essential for hotels to be aware of the legal age restrictions in Alaska, particularly when offering services like room service alcohol or tobacco products. The legal age to purchase tobacco and alcohol in Alaska is 21. For vaping products, the legal age is 19.

Affirmative Defense for ID Scanning in Alaska

Alaska does not offer an affirmative defense for ID scanning. This means that businesses cannot use the fact that they scanned an ID as a defense in a legal proceeding if they sell to a minor or a restricted individual.

Alaska Laws Relevant to ID Scanning

Several Alaska laws are relevant to ID scanning, including:

  • Alaska Statute 45.48.400: This law prohibits a person from making a Social Security Number (SSN) available to the public. It also restricts the use of an SSN to access products or services and prohibits the printing of an SSN on material mailed to a consumer unless required by state or federal law.

  • Alaska Statute 04.21.050: This law provides guidelines for proof of age and identity when purchasing alcoholic beverages. A valid driver’s license or a valid identification card is acceptable as proof of age or identity.

  • Alaska Statute 08.60.200: This law requires scrap metal dealers to maintain accurate records of each in-person transaction in which the dealer purchases scrap metal for $100 or more from another person.

  • Alaska Statute 40.17.020: This law relates to electronic notarial services and requires the notary public to have personal knowledge of the identity of the individual or to obtain satisfactory evidence of the individual’s identity.

  • Alaska Statute 45-48.010: This law requires a notice requirement when a breach of security concerning personal information has occurred. It also provides various protections for personal information.

In conclusion, while Alaska does not have specific laws regulating ID scanning, hotels must still adhere to applicable privacy laws when scanning IDs and retaining the information obtained. Understanding these laws is crucial to maintaining compliance and providing a safe and legal environment for customers.

Please note that this information is intended to provide a general overview and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a legal professional for advice specific to your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hotels in Alaska can scan IDs and retain the information obtained, subject to applicable privacy laws.

The legal age to purchase alcohol and tobacco in Alaska is 21.

No, Alaska does not offer an affirmative defense for ID scanning.

Non-compliance with Alaska's ID scanning laws can result in civil penalties, including fines and potential legal action.

Yes, hotels can use the information obtained from ID scanning for various purposes, including verifying a customer's age, establishing a customer's identity, and disclosing such information to another business or law enforcement agencies.