How It Works

Elevate Your Guest Experience

Empower your hospitality service with smart, secure ID scanning technology

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Experience the Freedom of Unlimited Capabilities with Guest Ban

Unlimited Users

Grant access to your entire team, ensuring comprehensive coverage and collaborative security management

Unlimited Scans

Experience no barriers in guest processing with endless scans for efficient and smooth operations

Unlimited Detections

Enhance security vigilance with limitless detections, safeguarding your premises against all risks

Enhance Property Security

Advanced ID Scanner: The Core of Guest Ban's Innovation

Compact Powerhouse

Ultra-compact (4.23" x 4.23" x 3.31") and lightweight, ideal for saving space at front desks​

USB-Powered Convenience

Simplifies setup with a USB power supply, reducing clutter

Efficient ID Processing

Quickly scans U.S. and Canadian driver licenses in about 2 seconds


Automate ID management and never file a scan again

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Guest Ban In Action

Showcasing Seamless ID Scanning & PMS Integration

Effortless Security

Discover the Power of Guest Ban ID Scanning

In today’s fast-paced hospitality world, ensuring guest safety and smooth operations is paramount. Guest Ban ID Scanning system stands as a beacon of innovation, offering an effortless way to enhance security while maintaining the welcoming spirit of your establishment.

Efficiency, Accuracy, Security

Guest Ban Features: Elevating Hospitality Management

Reduce Wait Times

With faster check-in times Guest spend less time in line and more time enjoying their stay

Increase Productivity

Free up time so front desk staff can focus on exceptional customer service and check in more reservations efficiently

Error-Free Registration

Reduce the number of incorrect and incomplete guest profiles

Enhanced Screening

Check if your guest appears on the internal or Guest Ban™ network watchlist

Multi-Property System

Effortlessly share 'Do Not Rent' lists across all properties and PMS for enhanced security

PMS Integration

Free PMS integration and configuration by our expert integration team

Effortless Integration

Seamless Implementation: The Guest Ban Advantage


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