Strengthen your safety and security

Guest Ban™ allows you to regain control over who is staying in your establishment and remove any repeat offenders who keep coming back 

Guest have been known to slightly change their name or use a middle name when booking to bypass your PMS restricted watchlist.

The Power of Guest Ban™

Creating a Safer Environment

Hotels have an obligation to have the highest standards of safety and security. Constant criminal activity, guest issues, and overall unsafe environments could cause lost reputation, low employee retention and hindered growth.

A guest admitted to an inn can be removed thereafter by the innkeeper for: United States v. Allen, 106 F.3d 695, 699 (6th Cir. Ky. 1997)


Drug Use

Guest Complaints

Criminal Mischief

Elevate your Check-In

Effortlessly Streamline your Front Desk

Say goodbye to typing errors, tracking, and managing guest information. 96% of customers say that Guest Ban saves their team time! 

Use Guest Ban™ ID Scanner to automatically enter guest data directly into any management system just within a couple of seconds!

Boost your business

Streamline Guest Management

Reduce the risk of unauthorized guests or intruders by using our software to screen visitors and verify that guests are allowed on-site

Included Features

Everything you need to enhance visitor experience

Automated Entry

Save time and reduce errors by automating the transfer of guest licensee information directly into your PMS

ID Matching

Tired of banned guests from returning? Guest Ban ID matching system will check if the guest is using a fake or misspelled name

Vehicle Search and Tracking

Tired of searching through each registration card? Easily track and search guest vehicle information when you need it the most.

Powerful Watchlist

Maintain the peace and safety of guests and staff with Internal watchlist and Guest Ban™ Shared network.

Active Warrant/Sex Offender

Receive enhanced screening with the national sex offender registry and our growing database of active warrant public records.

Prevent Fraudulent Chargebacks

Win chargebacks by providing proof with the guest's scanned ID images and data

Property Management Systems

We're compatible with

Successfully Providing Business Solution for 30 years


Over 30+ Years in Hotel Industry

We are a small group of hotel owners who have been in business for over 30+ years. We understand and know what it takes to run a hotel, and the issues staff and owners face daily basis. Guest Ban is a solution created to provide you with the tools needed to safely run a business. 

Guest Ban gives access to the most important tools needed to run a business safely. Reduce the risk of unauthorized guests or intruders and create a safe place to stay.

Guest Ban was created due to the increase in guest issues over the last few years. These issues became so prevalent an entire city was overrun with issues. An emergency meeting had to take place with the city, police department, and hotels to come up with a solution which would help prevent these issues from occurring.  

Guest Ban is created by hoteliers, who have worked in the industry for over 30+ years. Our system is designed to streamline operations and make management easy as possible.