Case Study

Quality Inn Hotel Boosts Guest Experience

The Quality Inn Hotel is a bustling 102-room hotel located in the city center. Like many hotels, they faced challenges with guest registration and security. Guest Ban partnered with the hotel to provide a solution that would reduce damage and downtime of guest rooms while streamlining the check-in process and enhancing security measures.


Quality Inn

Guest Satisfaction

By automating check-ins, guests spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying their stay, while staff can prioritize delivering excellent service and creating unforgettable guest experiences.

On average guest save 1 minute per check in with Guest Ban

Efficient Utilization

Labor Automated

Guest Ban frees up time so front desk can focus on exceptional customer service and check-in more reservations efficiently

Increase guest check-in satisfaction scores by saving time at check-in with Guest Ban

Time Saved with Guest Ban

Check-in Time (Hours)

  • With Guest Ban
  • Without Guest Ban

Guest Profiles

Error-Free Reservations

Guest Ban significantly improves registration accuracy by reducing the number of incorrect or incomplete guest profiles

A reported 12% of guest profiles had incorrect or incomplete information

Prevent Issues

Decreased Incidents

Taking a proactive approach helps minimize incidents creating a safe and secure environment for guests and staff

Unrecoverable costs are any damage done which were unclaimable due to insufficient funds or other unforeseen circumstances

Damage Cost

  • Unrecoverable Cost
  • Recoverable Cost

Guest Ban


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