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Our company was founded by seasoned hoteliers who have been in the business for over 30 years and understand the challenges faced by the hospitality industry. Guest Ban ID scanning is the solution for a safer and more efficient hotel experience.

Frustrated with the shortfalls of other ID scanning companies, our team set out to build a solution from the ground up specifically for the hospitality industry. Guest Ban ID scanning was born out of a need to address the increasing incidents of guest issues, crime, and human trafficking in hotels. The police departments were overburdened with calls and unable to provide the necessary support, leaving hoteliers without a solution to properly manage undesirable guest in a timely manner, which was  causing more harm.

That’s why we took a proactive approach to create a safer environment for both guests and staff. By using Guest Ban ID scanning, hotels can now effectively and efficiently prevent unwanted incidents. The ID scanning system speeds up the check-in process, eliminates spelling errors, captures and files scanned images and data automatically, and alerts you near instantly on guests with flags. And with the ability to connect multiple properties together and integrate with any Property Management System, Guest Ban ID scanning is the ultimate solution for hotels.

Guest Ban ID scanning has received recognition for its innovative approach to hospitality solutions. In 2022, we were named the Top 3 Hospitality Solutions Provider by the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association and in 2023, we were named a Top 10 Smart Hospitality Solutions Provider by Travel & Hospitality Tech Outlook.

Join the growing number of hotels that are making their guests and staff a priority with Guest Ban ID scanning. Visit us at guestban.com to learn more about how we can help your hotel today.

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