How to create a Wi-Fi QR code for free

Wi-Fi QR Codes & their benefits

Whenever you go to a hotel, a friend’s house, or even a restaurant, the one thing you want to know is, what is the Wi-Fi password and how do I get it. Many businesses have adapted to this trend from guests and customers and have begun providing an easy and convenient way to provide that information, without any hassle or stress. That’s where QR codes come into play. Not only do they provide a simple and easy process, but it provides the guest ease of access to an important feature that many people look for.

Many public facilities and stations have recently opted for QR codes to make access to Wi-Fi networks available for all. And businesses are quickly following suit. Today, QR codes are integrated almost everywhere. From stadium tickets to business information, flyers have adopted QR codes and many more.

Daily QR Code Uses

Contactless Check-in

During the last few years, contactless check-in and order have become a huge factor in many businesses and their day-to-day operations. Not only does contactless check-in minimize and control the contact between individuals, it also speeds up the process by allowing the guest or customer to fill out the information immediately, instead of filling out a paper form.

            Many facilities have already implemented such a program, and have had great success in providing this service, from increased check-ins per hour to increased safety and less maintenance required at common touch-points.

QR Codes in Hotels & Resorts

            The Hotel & Resort industry is one of the most common and fastest-growing industries to date. Travelers from around the globe stay at different hotels for various reasons. When guests are traveling for hours on end, they want one thing and one thing only, and that’s a quick and easy check-in process. That’s why many in the industry have taken up measures to expedite the check-in process and provide an easier and quicker experience for the customer or guest.

            QR Codes not only help in the check-in process but also help the guest get any information that might be relevant to your establishment. Do you provide a service that you’re known for? Do you want to provide a city map or tourism information about your city? QR Codes are an easy-to-use and easy-to-install tool that is taking over the industry to make an easier and more efficient way to provide information.

Wi-Fi QR Codes

One of the most essential parts of any business is the customer. The customer is the foundation of any establishment or business, and ease of use and access should be an important factor when providing great customer service. When they come into your establishment, you want them to feel welcome and enjoy their experience. One easy and simple way to do that is to provide a Wi-Fi QR Code.

Wi-Fi QR Code allows easy access to any relevant information by using a smartphone or tablet device. The data in the QR code Is then processed and decoded by the smart device. Once the QR code is scanned, they are able to process and open any information or links associated with the code. You can not only add the Wi-Fi approval link, but you can also provide the guest with local tourism information, hotel amenities, and much more.

So how can Wi-Fi QR Codes help my business?

It shows High Levels of Customer Service

            Staying up-to-date with upcoming technologies and trends is an important factor when guests are looking for a place to eat, stay, or anything the business offers. The simplicity and effortlessness allow the guest to get what they need, in the palm of their hand. In this current day and age, almost everyone is always looking at their phone, so give them exactly what they want.

Advanced Marketing

            Simple QR codes can be customized and enhanced, using programs such as Guest Bans QR code Design Studio. When QR codes are customized, it allows you to not only enhance your brand’s image but allows you to show off that image to provide relevant information that the guest or customer is looking for. Simple text or enhancements besides the QR codes, such as your brand’s logo, mission statement, or an image of your employees, can boost the customer’s trust in your brand and give them the motivation to go to that link and see what you have to offer.

            When choosing the advanced marketing route, it’s important to note a few commonly used practices, so you can get the best of your customization.

Visual QR Code

            You can customize the box of the QR code itself. Meaning you can change colors, add quirky texts or statements, and even add your business logo or brand’s call to action. Pique the interest of your customers or guests by creating an appealing and unique QR code that’s sure to catch their eye.

Logos, Images & Icons.

            Adding a logo or image can enhance the representation of your business of establishment, as well as make it more professional and inviting. It can enhance the simplicity of your current QR Code, and provide a more at-home or less spammy feeling. When displaying it in this manner, it can provide the QR code more contrast, and allow the connection to be done instantly after scanning. Using a tool such as Guest bans QR Code Design studio allows a quicker and easier way to create these types of QR code frames by restricting the frame limit and only giving you a perfect size each and every time.

            Thinking about the size and location of your QR code is just as important as finding your image. Will the image be pixelated when you print it because it’s too large? Will the QR Code be on a wall-hung-up? Or will the QR code be small on pieces of paper that are given out? These are all things to consider and are all dependent on your business and its needs.

Call To action

            One of the most important parts of a QR code frame is the Call to action or CTA. The guest or customer needs to know why the QR code is there, what it’s for, and if they even want to scan it. It’s the most important information you’ll put on there. Putting the call to action, such as “Scan for Wi-fi” is the perfect example of a simple yet effective CTA. The guest now knows that scanning this QR Code will give them access to the local Wi-Fi. There are plenty of other CTAs you can choose from, and a simple list below will give you ideas of what to put.

  • Scan for Wi-Fi
  • Please Scan here for hotel information
  • Scan for Menu
  • Tourism information Scan here
  • City info please scan here

QR Codes

            Creating a QR code can be a daunting task. That’s why there are QR Code Generators and customization tools out there. A popular one for just about anything is Guest Bans QR Code Design Studio. It gives you full access and the ability to customize your QR Code. Simply download and print, or send it off to be printed.

QR Codes have helped many businesses get around the curve and stay up to date with the information they can provide to their customers or guests. It can play an important role in anything from advanced marketing and calls to action, to giving simple and easy access to wi-fi on your premises.

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