Unusual Security Incident at San Jose Hotel Highlights Fast Response

San Jose Guest Ban ID Scanning

When most travelers imagine their hotel stays, they envision restful nights, helpful staff, and perhaps the occasional room service treat. However, for one guest at a prominent San Jose hotel, a recent visit was memorable for all the wrong reasons, though it ended on a high note with the hotel’s impressive response.

Lock Monkey MK200 Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool
Lock Monkey MK200 Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool

An unsuspecting patron of the renowned hotel was the subject of an attempted break-in by a man and woman brandishing a tool more commonly associated with professional locksmiths than hotel guests.

The Under-the-Door Lever Opener, a device typically used for legal and lawful lockout situations, became an instrument of intrusion in the wrong hands.

The targeted guest noticed something unusual happening at the door to their room. The device was slipped under the door and used in an attempt to manipulate the handle from the inside. Swift thinking led to the guest capturing the incident on video, ensuring there was hard evidence of the strange occurrence.


Following the unsettling episode, the guest took the right steps, calling the hotel lobby to report the incident. The reaction from the hotel staff was commendable. Within minutes, a staff member was at the guest’s door, assessing the situation firsthand. The video footage provided by the guest offered enough information for the hotel staff to quickly identify the suspects.

Hotel Break In Prevention by Guest Ban

Unfortunately, by the time the staff member arrived, the couple had already disappeared down the corridor. They were reported to be carrying a large bag, which the guest speculated could have been housing sports equipment. 

Upon being questioned, the couple defended their actions with an unconvincing excuse – they were simply visiting a friend and had knocked on the wrong door. However, their swift exit and the unusual ‘under-the-door’ device told a different story.

Although the couple got away before they could be apprehended, their identities are now known thanks to the guest’s quick thinking and the hotel staff’s prompt action. The surveillance systems in place throughout the hotel also contributed to the ongoing investigation.

This incident, while unsettling, serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and rapid response in maintaining security. It also underscores the pivotal role hotel staff play in ensuring guest safety.

While the San Jose hotel in question faced an unusual situation, their response exemplifies their commitment to guest security. Thanks to their quick response, the incident was handled efficiently, and safety measures are being reinforced to prevent any such occurrence in the future. Despite the unscheduled excitement, it’s clear that this San Jose hotel remains a secure, welcoming place for its guests, ready to face any challenge with professionalism and care.