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11 months ago
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i just recently got back to houston sometime late in June of this year and i got kicked out and banned from the hotel i was staying. my dad kicked me out of his room so i bought my own roomfor a couple nights but on the 3rd day i think it was they refused me service saying other guests were complaining about me and then they were talking about hear-say bullcrap that they had no evidence on and then they said i wss being banned from being able to rent a night and stay there and how i was on their hotel’s blacklist. well during getting in trouble and thrown out to the wolves somebody steals my purse. i notice it missing out of my vision but i didnt have time to do a 360 check because i wsd already 4 or 5 mins passed check out and i was trying to get another night. well, after they ripped me a new one the front desk people told me that i couldnt rent another night at their establishment thats when i notice now that my pastel pink billfold wallet is missing too. i know for a FACT my little pastel babypink billfold was in my back pocket even after i lost sight of my faux leather purse becauze i was getting ready to pay for another room. im living in a nightmare because of ny family but also because lf the discrimination and lack of reasoning skills.. They didnt give me back my Deposit which was 40 dollars (they or she primarily) cash, even though i payed using my debit card.
while i do have a substance abuse disorder i am getting treatment for it and take psyche meds and i have gone through intense 1on1 therapy sessions and did not bring drugs into the Romana on 6885 southwest fwy houstln tx 77074.
if u can, will, and accept the truth from me Michel McFadden, the truth is my brother EJ (Edward Joesph) is an occasional methamphetimine IV user. he smokes meth too in the bathroom at the Romana and was primarily the one supplying it to me from the end of June 2023-July 16th 2023
Also, for the very most gut wrenching thing about this situation and bad experience i had while staying there is my faux black leather purse and babypink billfold or wallet were stolen by the slickest sneak theives i have ever seen (or not seen) ..
im requesting that HPD rolls back the Romanas security footage so that i can find out who stole my wallet and purse because this happened it broad daylight.
after all of this chaos and horrible events took place i had a panic attack in the lobby and just about fell out. my dad ed mcfadden called crisis intervention on me and then the EMS people admitted me into the St Joesph’s psychiatric unit where i was released after being under observation for i would say about 24 hours. this has been way too much for me mentally and pysichally as well as i hsve been having to sleep outside and sleep in parking lots and behihd dumpsters and other areas as such. also in my purse i had a clear plastic makeuo bag with black threading around the zipper. i would say the estimated value of my makeup is at $200, respectively .. please get back to me as soon as you can
now im not 100% sure that im on a “black list” but i do know that after my friend Bardo Villarreal left with our room key they acted like and literally told me that they werrent going to let me back iinto my room where all of my property if i left and didnt have a key i was screwex be because he was saying it was too late to activate a new card for me and Erick Bardo Villarreal who went 50/50 on getting the double bed room left and i needed to go to the store for somethijg to drink. well, ths middle earstern man wasnt aware of, and actually i didnt explain this to you either but from the beginning this stay at the Romana was a living hell.When we first arrived to the hotel to check us in they gave us a room thats keyreader wouldnt work AT ALL but when house keeping used their card it opened just they switched us rooms and forgot to enter the information that they put us in a diff slot. it was hell to try and straighten the situation out because the der middlw eastern man was threatening to call the police on me for what he claimed me theo be doing (squatting) he kept telling me i wasying and that i didnt pay for the room with my debit card AND cash AND with a resrtvation and web reciept in my hand. i have no idea what happened to my printed out reciept that theu gave me but the middle eastern man at the front desk in the lobby was just awful to me. i pulled up the wev reciept in my email and he kept refusing to take a look at it. pleasr help me get justice of this perdicement and offer me some type of solition to at least get a refund or stay credits/or a voucher for howevsr many days. i webt through a whole lot of just flat nasty condemnation and unneccary false accustations while staying at the Romana this time

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